Woman Age 93 Posing With Witch On Halloween. Plymouth Minnesota USA

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Stock Photo titled: Woman Age 93 Posing With Witch On Halloween.  Plymouth Minnesota USA, unlicensed use prohibited
©2015 Steve Skjold, Unlicensed Use Prohibited More Info
2, 93, Adults, Age, America, American, Caucasian, Character, Citizen, Close-up, Closeup, County, CS26, Elderly, Faces, Female, Halloween, Head, Hennepin, Holiday, Horizontal, Indoor, Inside, Interior, Mature, Midwest, Minneapolis, Minnesota, MN, North, Old, People, Person, Plymouth, Portraits, Portraiture, Posing, Retired, Senior, Shoulders, Skjold, States, Steve, Two, United, USA, White, Witch, Woman, Women
Steve SkjoldPhotographer: Steve Skjold
Country: United States
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